Together with AirRobe we have joined the Circular Fashion Movement. Now you can extend the life of your MOS pieces by reselling them into a circular economy after you have worn and loved them. Keeping fashion in circulation creates a positive impact on our planet and natural ecosystems. We’ve partnered with AirRobe as a way to help you repurpose your wardrobe in seconds.
Together we can drive positive change. Join us on the circular journey.

Buy better. Resell later. Consciously repeat.
In one click, select “Add to AirRobe” when shopping with us.
Upon checkout, AirRobe will instantly save all purchased item/s detail (incl. images, description, recommended resale price) to your personal AirRobe Circular WardrobeTM. Just think of it like a centralised digital representation of your wardrobe. Follow the prompts to create or access your AirRobe account shopping.
Once you’ve loved and worn your garments, you can repurpose your clothes in seconds on the AirRobe pre-loved designer marketplace. Just login into and follow the steps in your account to list. Our goal is to continue to inspire change in the world. A continued effort to reduce environmental impact and responsibly evolve as a brand.

On this journey, it’s important to allow our customers to be a part of our commitment to circular fashion .