Take inspiration from our #MOSmuses around the world in our Spring '23 collection Hemera

Alexandra Sage wears the Ophelia Mini Dress.

Tess Gordon wears the Lamia Knit Dress.

Taya wears the Zephyr Maxi Dress.

Eloise Jaksic wears the Iris Blazer with Iris Pants.

Jordyn Rose wears the Kassia Blouse with Kassia Shorts.

Danielle and Nicole from When Words Fail wear the Thalia Blazer with Khloe Pants in Ivory and the Lamia Knit Dress.

Jazy Goh wears the Zephyr Blouse.

Ran Inoue wears the Elena Blouse in White with the Khloe pants in Ivory.

Jenna Makrenko wears the Xenia Maxi Dress in Marigold.

The Simple Folk wears the Alexia Midi Dress in Pine.