a celebration of our journey

Ministry of Style to MOS the Label
- a reintroduction to the MOS world

Created in Sydney, near the beaches of Bondi, by founder & mother, Natalie Dabscheck. Natalie envisioned a brand for women like her - crafting feminine pieces with a relaxed approach for real women to celebrate life.

MOS the Label’s history extends beyond its 2014 origins. What started out as local label, Bebe Sydney, became the well-known brand Ministry of Style and through the natural evolution of Natalie’s life and the growth of our customer, has evolved into what is today MOS the Label.

Offering its own unique take on modern bohemian luxe whilst remaining true to the commitment of a future of natural fabrications, thoughtful design transcending seasons, and being a part of each stage of a woman's life.

Natalie talks us through how the brand started, its natural evolution over the years and the exciting journey that MOS the Label is on for the future.

Where it started

Becoming the founder and creative director of MOS wasn’t so much my choice as my destiny. In the 1980s, my parents created the brand, Dolly Dolly from nothing. As it grew nationally, I grew up in the industry I work in today. Holidays were spent swinging from warehouse racks or watching pattern makers at work. Weekends were spent driving around Sydney while my mother merchandised stores. When she went on buying trips to London, Paris, and New York, I was by her side.

At the time, those trips were a drag, but it turned out to be a valuable gift. The exposure to global insiders, manufacturers and creatives taught me invaluable lessons that would one day help me navigate the world of business. Guided by an expert who taught high standards and a fierce work ethic, I had first-hand exposure to the world of fashion.

I ended up with a fashion design degree from the Whitehouse Institute of Design. My first post-graduation job was to measure 3000 crepe suits against specs. Good thing I knew fashion is addictive but not glamorous. At age 22 I launched my first brand bebesydney and sold my first order, 300 lycra mini dresses.

Natural Evolution

As my life changed to include marriage and two children, the brands and my aesthetic vision evolved too. The brand was Ministry of Style until 2021 when we rebranded to MOS the Label.

We have grown up together and as I have grown, and my life has changed, naturally the style of the brand grew & I feel like I have grown with the customer to get to where MOS is now.

The rebrand came as a natural progression and a conscious decision to be able to offer our beautiful designs to women around the world.

Our journey for the future

We describe our MOS woman as a modern bohemian, free spirited woman with an effortless sense of style. When I design, I design with that woman in mind. At heart I really value sustainability, and live by a farm to table ethos. As a brand we are new to the sustainability journey, but I am keen to embark on it. I’m so excited to take the brand in this direction.

Considered connection through community is such a large focus of my personal life, I want to nurture the sense of community through MOS and for us to build authentic relationships and develop real connections with different people and communities that we work with.
Every collection we are learning of a new way to implement sustainability practises. We have a long way to go, and we are super excited to be on this journey. I am proud to work alongside the team and take MOS to the next level. 

I’m so proud of where we started and where we are today. It is our commitment; to research, share and inspire through our core values. Working with people and planet in mind at all times, to ensure a positive impact on our environment and our community.

Join us, this is our journey

Nat xx