In Partnership with

Thread Together

Here at MOS we are continuing our commitment to social responsibility by donating end of line, new clothing to vulnerable people within the community by partnering with Thread Together.

Championing this important cause, where the core purpose is to divert new clothes from landfill and deliver these to people across the Nation who are seriously doing it tough. 
We are passionate about giving back and have recently partnered with Thread Together to protect the environment and support the community.

Thread Together keeps end of line new clothing in circulation and provides it at no cost to vulnerable people within the community. This provides these individuals with the dignity we all deserve.

By supporting Thread Together, we are empowering those who have been marginalised by circumstance and not by choice.


Thread Together is a world first organisation that works with Australian fashion brands to drive social and environmental change. They help those in need by managing fashion excess, distributing surplus clothes to people who are doing it tough - the highest ethical response to this potential waste.


Protecting Our Planet and Restoring Dignity & Hope, to People Doing It Tough

Sadly, in Australia 3.5 million people (one in eight adults and one in six children) do not have adequate access to essential clothing. Thread Together believes circumstance and disadvantage should not prevent people from accessing clothing to allow them to realise their full potential.

Australia’s most ethical response to fashion excess, solving two problems with one solution

Thread Together addresses this uncomfortable truth by collecting brand new unsold clothing from fashion retailers around the country and partnering with a national network of charities and social service agencies to distribute these clothes to people doing it tough.


Our goal is to continue to inspire change in the world.

A continued effort to reduce environmental impact and responsibly evolve as a brand.