In Conversation with

Nikki Cruz

Meet Nikki Cruz, the WA based content creator, mum of three and self confessed introvert. An inspiring story of how getting hired from one image gave her the confidence to make this a career.

We talk to Nikki about the balance between work and mum life, her ultimate skincare tip for winter and how she taps in to the feeling of empowerment.

Nikki captures content in some of our new season staples from our Loveworn trails collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a content creator based in Perth. I’m a mother of three and I’m very much an introvert.


How did your journey in content creation begin?

It all started with buying a lip balm from Mecca back in 2015 I think. I created an image, posted it and started getting hired from that one image.

It sounds easy but it wasn’t. I’m self taught so it has been many hours of learning how to use a camera, lighting, props, angles, how to do my hair & makeup, editing the list goes on.

Getting hired from this one image gave me confidence to make this my career. 

We adore your imagery and how you capture skincare & beauty products. As we enter into a new season, can you share your winter skincare top tips?

Sunscreen always! This is the one product I will wear everyday all year round. It’s the foundation for great skin on the daily and for as we age.

Where do you source inspiration, and how does this affect your creative process?

I used to consume so much content from Instagram, magazines or Pinterest but it became mentally draining for creativity.

Content does not stop, so I’ve had to tell myself that if I only want to create personally once a week then thats ok, I’m not a robot and I was constantly burning out.

These days it’s music that gets the juices flowing.

How do you make time for yourself? 

When everyone is in bed I put on a show, drink a tea with some cookies and i'm set.


How do you balance work/life as a mother? 

My work isn’t 9-5 so balancing isn’t easy and I don’t get it right all the time.

Lately I work at night and squeeze my shoots in on the weekend after all the sports games or when my son is napping during the day. I have quite the tight timeframes of when I can shoot especially when some clients want short turn arounds so sometimes it does feel overwhelming when I need to meet deadlines and then my kids asking me a million questions or just wanting me just because.

My job also doesn’t feel like a job it feels like a hobby so I find it hard mentally as I love having a camera in my hand and I just can’t all the time.

In saying that being a mother comes first for me so I am always available to my kids and I do prioritise them first. It has become easier as the kids have grown older. As the older two are more independent but now that we have a 1 year old there’s some fresh energy bursting throughout the house.

I could have just said coffee thats the simplest answer. 

Do you have any advice for anyone reading that would like to follow your career path and capture beauty and skincare content? 

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from giving it a go and put in the hours. Success is also different for everyone so only compare from who you were yesterday and not who someone is today.

One of our brand pillars is authentic femininity. At our core we strive to empower women, each telling their own story. When do you feel your most empowered?

I feel the most empowered when I have a camera in my hand. It has given me an outlet of creative expression, it's given me the freedom to choose to be a working mother from home and it's given me time.

The combination of motherhood and career gives me a sense of fulfilment, as I can help provide for my family while pursuing my passions. Women can be both successful personally and professionally if they choose to.

The feeling of being independent is an empowering feeling.

And finally, can you share your Favourite outfit from our Loveworn Trails collection?

The fit of the heirloom pants is spot on and they feel luscious and they’re a perfect relaxed suiting pant.

When I put them on I couldn’t stop stroking my legs. Also I’m a short so Im always having to get my clothes altered and these I don’t have to which is a small win but I’m here for it!