Gina from hencla

In the first of our homegrown conversations, we shine a light on business woman and friend of the brand Gina, founder of bead-based jewellery business, hencla.

Founded in our hometown of Bondi, we chat to Gina about the inspiration behind the brand. Her successful boutique pop-up shop and how the community around Bondi has become a bit of a creative hub for small businesses.

Gina was kind enough to share some of her beautiful hand crafted pieces with us for our latest campaign Loveworn Trails and can be seen throughout the collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself –

My name is Gina, I own a beaded-based jewellery business called hencla. We’ve just opened a hencla studio + pop-up in Bondi.

The studio/pop-up houses a beading workshop, hencla collections along with a curation of products from around the world.
A holiday edit – handpicked from hencla's global friends / makers to inspire escapism + transport you there ~ wherever that may be.


Can you share your career beginnings and what drove you to pursue a career as a jeweller?

Hencla began as a side hustle for me, as my career background is graphic design. However lockdown and boredom drove me to delve into the magical world of beads.

Tell us about the hencla story

hencla is the mythical island, which my mind drifted to in deepest darkest lockdown. Nestled somewhere between Greece & Turkey. hencla is a mix of Med madness with beautiful Bahia boldness. Think cruisy, breezy days, followed by sun-kissed sundowners & samba by night. Each piece embodies the hencla spirit. A mix of semi precious stones, vintage & fun new beads that pop. Jewellery that’s always looking for its next adventure...

Describe your creative process, where do you draw inspiration from?

The creative process is loose at best but always revolves around travel + escapism. It starts with a distinct memory, person, place or an experience from my travel adventures. There’s always a moodboard involved. Always. It provides the springboard to the ideas process. Featuring anything from landscapes to fashion, type to travel. Then the beads and beading board come out. It’s a bit of trial and error, + mix and match with various beads. I love mixing old and new beads with different textures/features making something that’s unique but embodies the spirit of the inspiration.

One of our MOS brand values is ‘considered connection’ - through people, places & community. What does considered connection look like to you?

Considered connection is a really beautiful quality to build on so kudos to MOS for incorporating that into your brand vales. For me, as a brand (and personally) this connection is about people, a love of small business and of course, keeping it local – knowing the source. That not everything needs to big/mass. It’s a love for small batch and unique pieces. I do think post the world imploding a few years back – there is a refound love of something hand and heart crafted. Bondi, despite its influencer-centric appeal – has huge heart and soul, reflected in the community. There is an unspoken bond here and has become a bit of creative hub. It’s also amazing that this is recognised both locally and internationally.


Part of the hencla story is, jewellery that’s always looking for its next adventure…can you share with us some of your favourite things to do in Bondi?

Where to start!? The ‘Bondi bubble’ is a thing but that’s because there is so much on offer here. My absolute favourite thing is a daily pre-sunrise walk along the beach. You can’t beat it to kickstart the day physically and mentally. Then it’s shop, drink, eat repeat with some surfing in between. A few faves: sundowners at The Shop, gimlets at Totti’s or Lola’s. Gould street for a shop. For food – again The Shop, Da Orazio, Chloe’s or the Fish Shop are some go-to’s. Icebergs for fancy pants, hot tip – eat at the bar :) but there’s really so much more to choose from.

You recently opened your beautiful pop-up store in Bondi Beach, do you have any upcoming projects to share with us? 

Well the hencla beading workshops seem to be going off! So will be trying to add in more dates and build up the shop to feature more under-the-radar brands from on and off shore. Keeping the holiday spirit alive within a store. And if you can keep a secret – there’s also some hencla merch on the horizon.

Favourite pieces from our Loveworn Trails collection?

I am definitely drawn to all the dreamy MOS knits. The inflorescence set especially. Comfort is key, cosy and cool. You can pair them with boots, burks or sneakers that pop!