Purchase with a purpose

Make a difference when shopping with MOS, as you purchase with a purpose. 

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with i=change to give our customers the opportunity to give back with every purchase. For every order placed we will donate $1 to a life changing project of your choice that supports women and children in need. We are very grateful to be in a position that allows us to generate greater awareness and encourage continual support toward these incredible projects.

Ministry of Style has chosen to support three incredible projects, to help improve our planet and the lives of women and children in need around the world:

In the highlands of PNG, up to 100% women experience violence regularly. Many are beaten on a daily basis. Sexual harassment is also extremely common in markets, where women's ability to do business is crucial for the strength of their communities. When women are safe from violence, entire communities and economies flourish.

UN Women is:

- Supporting local services to meet the needs of women.

- Training male community leaders to understand and communicate that violence against women is a crime.

- Providing training so women can earn an income and support their families. 

In some areas of Bangladesh, up to 62% of girls are married before turning 18. These girls are not only denied their childhood, they can suffer from developmental issues due to early pregnancy. They're vulnerable to STD's including HIV, increased risk of domestic violence and have limited opportunities for education and employment.

We know women are the key to creating change for girls within their communities. Empowered women can achieve extraordinary impact, catalysing new and brighter futures for girls and their families.

The Hunger Project trains women to unleash their leadership and capacity to take action in their homes, villages and communities, to stop child marriage, violence against women and girls, discrimination against girl children - and shift hearts and minds on the importance of gender equality.

In this current COVID-19 crisis, Women's Community Shelters are experiencing a 25% increase in inquiries for safe accommodation for women and children who are homeless or escaping domestic violence. Existing services were already at full capacity, with more than 50% of women seeking shelter turned away due to a lack of beds.

Across Australia, around 56,000 women are homeless each night, many with young children. Now, there are many more. Women unable to access shelters are left vulnerable, disconnected from community and support networks.Women’s Community Shelters is dedicated to providing women and children with a safe place to stay and an opportunity to rebuild their lives. 

The power of your purchase goes beyond what you receive, as our customers are now shopping for a step towards positive change. Shop online as usual, then once you've completed checkout you'll see a pop-up asking you to choose where our $1 donation goes.

Shop our newest collection now and give back to those in need.