Design notes


Ahead of each season, our design team start by collecting research from various sources and pull together their ideas to culminate a theme for a new collection.

They will make informed decisions around the prints and colour range for each new season.

Our Resort collection focuses on products that feed our sense of wellbeing, harnessing the power of colour, light and emotion. Designs are stripped backed and soulful, with the use of soft, natural materials, comforting textures and warm-sun tinged colours.

Solana has been designed using the power of colour, to evoke emotion and nostalgia of an endless summer.

Drawing inspiration from the vast desert sands of Morocco and the innate detail of local craftsmanship, the Yasmin capsule lends its focus on tile pattern work exuding rich earthy tones, opulent artesian print and ethereal silhouettes.

Dubbed as modern chintz, home and fashion are becoming evermore intertwined. Inspiration hailed from chintz interiors of the past and our in-house design team created an exclusive border print made up of floral motifs in a seasonal hue to become the Joanna story in four classic, feminine silhouettes.

Taking cues from vintage patterns, our design team explored authentic craft and artisanal techniques to create an exclusive embroidery pattern in Talia. Crafting form fitting silhouettes in soft, natural materials and comforting textures.
With a focus on softened stripes, colour infused warmth evolves into a mood-boosting update for the Farah capsule in sunrise hues to provide a sense of wellness. Taking cues from the warmth of Morocco; shades of pink and deep rolling sands easy to wear, flowing silhouettes.

Exuding romance and modern elegance, Sabrina embodies the illustrious detailing synonymous with MOS. Interplaying refined artisan embroidery details with a contemporary sensibility. the lustrous threads woven create adorned patterns, on flowing fabric for a summertime collection.