Inspired by global travels and artisanal hand-crafted processes, Nu Boheme channels signature bohemian references by reintroducing a fresh appeal for vintage-inspired designs. Inspired by folk themes the collection sees a revival in heritage arts and craft traditions providing a nostalgic tone for the collection. Made up of transeasonal pieces, inspiring the boho-lover from spring through to summer, this versatile collection introduces a new evolution of contemporary bohemian pieces. Celebrating heirloom,  wardrobe staples, every piece is carefully curated to evoke a sense of youthful nostalgia underscored with a feminine delicacy.

Nu Boheme sees the use of feminine florals, folkloric motifs, paisleys and stripes, inspired by primitive and decorative craft aesthetics while feminine details resemble voluminous sleeves, open-back detailing and exquisite ruffles that add an ethereal edge. This collection encapsulates bohemian maxi skirts to dresses, jumpsuits, pants, and tops with each piece celebrating the authenticity that femininity is through each and every intricate design. These romantic and historical details offer seasonal appeal and tap into elegant and sophisticated bohemian delicacy.