Travel guide to bali

With Sienna Espie

Join us as we journey to the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali with Gold Coast fashion, styling and content creator Sienna Espie.

Sienna guides us through her top recommendations for your next Bali vacation.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Sienna Espie and I’m currently living in the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. I’ve been working within fashion, styling and content creation for almost 5 years now and feel so grateful to be able to do what I love. 


What do you love most about Bali?

Bali is really special and I love that there’s so much to explore.

As I have grown up by the water, the stunning beaches are definitely a highlight for me. The beautiful locals are so welcoming and kind too which makes everything more enjoyable.

There’s such an amazing mix of wellness, relaxation and indulging in the beautiful food and accommodation. I always make such amazing memories every time I visit so I’ll definitely continue travelling to Bali. 

How would you describe your own personal style and where do you draw inspiration from?

I would say my style is forever evolving but I love to invest in good quality long lasting pieces.

To describe my current style in 3 words I would say - effortless, elevated, fun.

I find a lot of inspiration when I travel and visit new places, I also love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

I am also addicted to Pinterest… I have an inspo board for quite literally anything and everything.

What do you pack to ensure your style is translated on your travels?

When it comes to my holiday wardrobe I pack lots of white and neutral pieces that can be styled various ways and look great with swimwear.

To add my own personal style, I love elevating my looks with statement jewellery and accessories.

Looking in the local shops and boutiques is such a fun way to incorporate new pieces into my outfits too.

I also love to have a few bright and printed pieces - I adored wearing the Athena Maxi Dress from MOS. The perfect summery holiday pieces! 

To eat:

Mason and Yuki are a must! Mason was one of our most visited restaurants as we just wanted to try everything on the menu… the interior and overall vibe was amazing too. If you’re a fan of Japanese you will love Yuki. The food and drinks were perfection. 



Hippie fish is definitely my new favourite. Drinking cocktails overlooking Canggu beach was so special. We loved coming here on sunset and even after dinner for a night cap. 

Savaya in Uluwatu has such a spectacular view. Spending the afternoon on a daybed by the pool was the perfect way to finish off our trip. 

To explore:

Since the last time I had visited Bali 4 years ago Uluwatu and Bingin have changed so much. There are so many more beautiful cafes and shops that I loved exploring. They also have some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, definitely a special part of Bali. 

To stay:

MAJA and Villa Avanti in Canggu were incredible. MAJA is a a stunning boutqiue hotel, the minute we arrived I was so blown away by the interior and design. Everything here is so picturesque I was definitely in my element! The staff are also incredibly sweet and welcoming too.   

Villa Avanti was so aesthetically gorgeous too. I would definitely recommend booking this if you’re with a few people. This was such a spacious villa with 2 levels, a terrace and a beautiful pool. 

To swim:

Bingin beach is stunning - crystal clear, warm water. We loved spending the entire day here swimming and having nibbles and drinks in the afternoon at Kelly’s Warung which had such a fun local vibe.