On Set with

Constanze Saemann for Spring '23

A hot summers day on the east coast of Australia, set against the idyllic backdrop of a Mediterranean-style dream home to transport us to a European summer, setting the scene for our latest collection Hemera.

Among the crisp whitewashed walls and colourful bougainvillaea we had the pleasure of working with international model Constanze Saemann before she left to go back to New York.

Join us as we talk to Constanze about her career, her love for nature and how she is planning to move to Australia later in the year.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Constanze Saemann, and I was born and raised in Germany. I first moved abroad 12 years ago to pursue my modelling career and I have been traveling almost full time since then, splitting my time between Europe and New York.

However, in recent years I made the decision to slow down and balance my time which led me to study natural perfumery and naturopathy on the side, ultimately inspiring the creation of my brand BASIUM.



I always had the desire to travel and modelling seemed like a good option to get me there when I was 16 haha! So I sent some photos to a small modeling agency in Germany at that time and they took me on and sent me to my first on stay trip to Paris.

We know you have other interests outside of modelling, you are studying naturopathy and you are the founder of Basium - can you tell us more about that?

BASIUM has taken me on an unimaginable journey that continues to evolve every day! What initially started as a personal hobby and passion project has blossomed into a community of like-minded individuals where we support and inspire each other daily.

It has not only brought me closer to people but also fostered a deeper connection with nature. When I am not on set shooting or working on Basium, I dedicate my time to my Naturopathy studies which has been also been a passion of mine for a long time and which I am hoping to incorporate into the brand eventually.

Where is home for you?

Since I have been moving around so much in the past years, home for me is mostly where my loved ones are and where I feel a sense of community!

We shot our campaign on the beautiful East Coast of NSW in Byron, where you are planning to be based again next summer. What do you love about this part of the country?

I feel so connected to the nature in that area. The landscape and climate is incredibly beautiful and last summer I was also fortunate to work alongside and meet some lovely people including the team at MOS!



I love the Alexia collection. The green is one of my favourite colours and it felt so comfortable and effortlessly chic to wear.

What are your daily or weekly self-care rituals?

I have a daily meditation practice after waking which feels really grounding for the day ahead and walking barefoot on the grass whenever I can.

What does the rest of 2023 hold for you?

Crazy to think that we are already half-way through the year! But I will be spending the American summer in New York before heading to India for my first Panchakarma in October and from there back to Australia to settle in the Northern Rivers from November on.


Creative Director: Natalie Dabscheck

Art Director: Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald

Production & Stylist: Katie Farmer

Photography: Tess Leopold

Model: Constanze Saemann

Make Up: Phoebe Fever

Videography: Zac Lovett