With MOS Founder & Creative Director Natalie Dabscheck

In celebration of Mother’s Day we're excited to talk with the woman behind MOS the Label; Mum, Wife, Founder & Creative Director Natalie.

Natalie shares her story of where the brand began, her advice for managing the juggle between motherhood & being a business owner and how she will be spending mothers day.

Tell us about yourself and how MOS started

My journey began when I was born, I was literally born into the industry, and I am proud to carry on the family tradition. In the 70’s, my parents created the brand Dolly Dolly from nothing, it grew into over 20 stores nationally and I grew up in the industry I work in today.

Finishing school I got accepted into an Arts course at UNSW, I also applied to the Whitehouse college which I was accepted. I thought why not give it a go.
After graduating, my first post-graduation job was to measure 3000 crepe suits against specs. Lucky I already knew fashion is addictive but not glamorous.

I had dreams and a goal to create a brand, I was so determined and I knew that only I could make that happen, so I did. At age 22, I launched my first brand bebesydney, that would eventually evolve into Ministry of Style and today MOS the Label.



It's one of my favourite days of the year as I get to hang out with my children.

They allow me to pick what we will do on Mother’s Day.

It will definitely be a brunch at one of my favourite local cafés in Bondi, mostly likely lox stock, followed by a walk. I love walking the Bondi to Bronte walk, then a stroll through the Bondi markets.

We generally end the day with an early dinner, including my mother, grandmother and sister to celebrate Mother's Day for all of us.

How do you balance work / home life?

Mindset and wellbeing is so important to me, when my cup is full I am better person as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, team leader, creative director & all the hats that I wear in my day.

I need to Invest in myself and part of my routine that is non-negotiable - I wake up around 5.30am, have a hot water with lemon in a quiet space. I find it very cleansing. It's almost like my morning meditation.

My large, long black is ordered, my gym gear is thrown on and most mornings I walk along the promenade down at the beach to tick of 10k steps each day.

I listen to a podcast, which gives me inspiration for the day. I head home and its ready set go...prepare the kids for school, then get myself sorted for the day.

My weekends you will find me at the local farmers market, buying fresh organic seasonal, produce and my Sundays are generally spent in my happy place, my kitchen. Cooking yummy nutritious meals for my family. I love trying new recipes. My Instagram saves are full of recipes I'm wanting to try.

However once Friyay comes around its Rosé o’clock, not taking life to seriously.



Nothing in life comes to you on a silver platter. You need to learn, invest and work hard.

You make it happen.

What have you learnt most about being a mother?

You definitely grow up when becoming a mother. You are responsible for little people.

I feel you don't sweat the small stuff, and I invest time into things that are important to me and my family.



My kids are teenagers now, my daughter is about to finish school and they have busy schedules themselves.

I love when we get to spend time together. When we are not racing around, just hanging out.

A walk, a meal, or a family holiday, whatever it is, it's about being together.

One of my favourite times is when we are all in the kitchen cooking / baking together.

Any advice you can share for mum’s in business?

I think as mums we multi-task and know how to prioritise our time between 9am – 5pm, so we can clock off and be mum once we are home.

I try not to take work home with me so I can be present when I'm with my children and set the right examples to my kids. Behave in business and in life, the way you would like to be treated in business and in life.