In Conversation with

Belinda from Bondi Wash

In the next instalment of our homegrown conversations series, we shine a light on a fellow business born out of the Eastern Suburbs.

Founded in our hometown of Bondi, we chat to CEO & founder of Bondi Wash, Belinda about the inspiration behind the brand and how her vision to introduce beautiful Australian scents and ingredients to the world through a range of very natural products came about and continues to expand.

Belinda and her team were kind enough to gift some of their gorgeous ‘Delicate Wash’ product to us and allow us to share this with some of our beautiful MOS community of content creators for our latest collection Solana.

Hi Belinda, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Born in Melbourne, raised in Canberra by nature-loving, environmentalist, hippy parents. I’ve lived in Bondi since 1999 when my first daughter was born – I love the eclectic, creative community here.

I founded Bondi Wash in 2013 – with the idea of introducing beautiful Australian fragrances and natural products to the world. Running your own business seemed appealing… little did I know how tough it would be. But here we are 10 years later, now with a small but uber talented team working out of our sunny office in Paddington.

Can you share with us your career beginnings and why you created Bondi Wash?

Professionally I studied Economics and worked in strategic consulting for most of my career, but tired of it and eventually started thinking about more creative alternatives.

I’ve always been conscious of the products and ingredients I use. I was reacting to chemicals in kitchen and bathroom products and started wondering what the impacts that might be having on the environment and my kids.

The idea for Bondi Wash was actually an ‘aha’ moment while holidaying in far north Queensland. We were surrounded by Australian native plants that I’d never heard of – many I discovered later with amazing properties and beautiful scents. I was reading the novel ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Susskind at the time. I’d always had a love for fragrance, and it struck me that Australia could create something special from their native plants – just like the French have done for years.

The business came together very quickly after this – launching after lots of testing with a range of truly natural and fragrant household and body washing products.

For people that don’t know your story, what is the first product that was made for Bondi Wash and why?

The Bench Spray was the first product I developed. I created the first sample literally on my kitchen bench in 2013. I was getting bad headaches after using supermarket commercial surface sprays which inspired the idea to develop a natural alternative that wasn’t harming us or the environment.

The concept of the Bench Spray was originally something to replace what I’d been using on the kitchen bench, but I love that it can be used in so many other ways.

It’s still a bestseller and the one product where people I meet are likely to say ’Oh I love your products…especially the Bench Spray’.


We love the connection with sustainability that forms so much of your brand essence. We recently collaborated with Bondi Wash to share the beautiful Delicate Wash product to extend the longevity of life in our MOS pieces, can you share any tips around washing with sustainability in mind and how does this product work caring for clothes?

My sustainable washing tips would be to wash less and choose natural. At Bondi Wash, we do a lot of research into the ingredients we use. We choose the most natural and high-quality ingredients – even if they are more expensive.

The Delicate Wash uses a gentle pH neutral formulation specifically designed to wash and condition fabrics such silk and lace - including the beautiful MOS pieces. It’s 100% naturally derived and non-toxic to keep your favourite pieces lasting longer, creating less waste.

Can you describe your creative process when expanding on the Bondi Wash product range?

Developing new products is probably my favourite part of the job…it’s creative but is also requires a lot of problem-solving and work as a team to make happen.

The process is so finely balanced – it can’t be forced and works in a very magical way. I listen really closely to my intuition to guide what we spend time on. I also listen to people around me a lot….I get inspiration from everywhere and great ideas often from our customers and friends.

We’re lucky to have such a tight team, so we can be spontaneous and launch new products quite quickly. Our product development is always focused on creating products that will really add joy to people’s daily routines, and help them switch out potentially toxic alternatives for our natural ones.

One of our MOS brand values is ‘considered connection’ – through people, places and community. What does considered connection look like to you?

I love this concept. Considered connection is choosing to seek out and appreciate daily joys and simple pleasures.

For me, these come from being in nature everyday – whether that be an ocean swim, or my morning walk with the dogs, enjoying delicious food, and spending as much time as possible with family and friends.

Within the business, the same concept applies. We work closely with (and pay more for) suppliers that operate with high integrity, and support other considered brands and always choose high-quality, sustainable ingredients.


Belinda wears the Gina Blouse and Gina Pants from our Solana collection.