Each garment tag has been carefully crafted with love. They're made from recycled paper and a soft cotton blend making them recyclable. Some people collect their tags to include when re-selling or swapping their garments.


We take extra care to pack your items in tissue packing paper. To minimise our footprint, we have chosen biodegradable and compostable packing paper for these purposes. Once you open up your item, you can save the tissue paper and reuse it to pack something else. If you need to dispose of it, pop it in your recycling, compost or Council compost bin.


Silica Gel Desiccants are included in your order to absorb moisture and protect the integrity of each garment. They're highly affective at what they do, so repurpose them by popping them in your jewellery boxes (to prevent tarnishing) or with any items you may have in storage. Otherwise, dispose of them thoughtfully in your everyday garbage bin.