#MOSMUM SPOTLIGHT ON @our.lovely.mess


Introduce yourself:

I’m Nathalia, a Swede turned Aussie (I got dual citizenship last year!) who moved to my husband’s family farm eight years ago to live life on the land. We have two little girls, Pippa and Olivia. I’m a journalist and photographer and I do a lot of my work here on Instagram too which I love. 

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mum?

 It’s seeing two beautiful little people grow. Watching the learning and developing is unbeatable. The joy of becoming a mother has truly been amazing and I’m so very grateful, even on those days when bedtime can’t come around quick enough! 

How do you balance work and being a mum?

This is HARD. I do all my work from home and my farmer works crazy long hours so it’s tricky to juggle it all sometimes. I try to see the beauty of being able to do my work with my kids and I feel lucky I get to be with them so much too. I try to not let myself get too stressed (I don’t always succeed!) and I try to not feel pressured into keeping super tight deadlines because the kids have to come first. With that said I hate being late with things so it’s a lot of late nights going on too! 

What have you learnt most from your kids?

Patience and trust in myself. I have learnt to appreciate the little things so much more too and to literally stop and smell the roses. 

Number one “can't live without it” mum accessory?

Ohh tricky! So many good ones but I love a good baby carrier or wrap, perfect for babies who like mine love being as close to their mama as possible. 

What's your mantra / daily rituals as a mum?  

Deep breaths. It’s something Pip (my eldest) and I say together and it helps me (and her) feel grounded. Also I always make a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and drink it while having breakfast, no one needs a hangry mom and I’m so much calmer if I have had food and coffee haha 

On the weekend what can we find you doing with your kids?

Going to the beach, always! It’s our happy place. 

Who inspires you?

My mom, sister, my girls, my husband and beautiful friends. I feel inspired by people who work hard and who are lifting others up.  

How has your style evolved as a mum?

So much! I truly wear all the things I love now and I try to wear all my clothes these days, not just jeans and tees on repeat. Fashion makes me so happy! 


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