Introducing | Romantic Legacy

Romantic Legacy is a collection infused with tones, symbology and creativity that defined the Romanticism era.

The scent of rose, fresh air and earth. Twirls of long, layered skirts, a morning walking through dewy wild fields and rustic smoky towns.

A collection celebrating feminism and nostalgia, threaded with hints of a wild and romantic existence.

In a time of speed and action, we hope to inspire a step back to the more slower times. As the sun fades into a dusky orange glow across the horizon, a lacey maxi dress sits on its hanger by the window. Classical music plays. You slip into your dress and old charm and elegance radiates. A light powder of the face, a slight brush of mascara and you step out into the warm evening.

The effortless combination of the natural world, ‘70s and ‘80s and classical historical influences creates a contemporary love story that lends a romantic bohemian edge to retro nuances.

Romantic Legacy encapsulates this exotic, classical and romantic feminine strength that Ministry of Style embodies.

The collection: artisanal craftsmanship, dramatic sleeves and silhouettes. Flowing dresses. Prints of vintage florals and sweetly toned earthy palettes. Detailing of flounces, frills and fabrications. A collection that is wearable, elegant and sophisticated.

Ministry of Style’s newest collection offers elegant and feminine designs perfect for slow days and cosy evenings all year long.

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Muse @alex_ford
Photographer @onniepuntoriero
Videographer @conniepuntoriero
Stylist @michmikelsen & @ids_kali
Thanks to @deuxbelettes for this amazing location